Predictions, 2014

Performance / Duration: 30 minutes

Predictions is a site - specific performance, specially designed for Robert Morris’ Observatory – a well-known land art work near Lelystad. The Observatory is a sundial, a device for observing the movements of the Sun. With this function as a starting point, I shift focus to the site’s immediate environment - a steady flow of trains, trucks, cars and bicycles, forming ever-changing constellations. As patterns emerge and establish, a series of predictions are made and compiled into a script for a near-future scenario, where daily chance and a grander scheme intersect.

The script is enacted by 12 performers, 4 vehicles, 1 helicopter and a motorcycle gang. Audience is situated on one of the hills of Morris’ Observatory about 60 meters from the action. They can hear the pre-recorded script of predictions through individual sets of headphones. Some predictions come true, and others not.