All The Players, 2013

Performance / Duration: variable

All The Players is a durational performance viewed in parallel with the reading of a script. The script is in future tense. It relates to a scene featuring three characters, which is enacted by five actors - the roles double up, and interchange. The text details their actions, and indicates their thoughts and state of mind. The scene is a power game of sorts between a set of potentially precarious characters.

Once completed the sequence repeats indefinitely. Audience is free to come and go. The script is available for them. Perceptions are intended to shift, as expectations and assupmtions interact with what you read and what you see.

When the live performance is not happening, the setting and script remains on view. The text functions as both a record and a prediction of the presently absent occurrence.

Script excerpt:

The woman with the pink scarf will stand up. She will sit next to the man. She will appear in control.

The man will relax back in his chair.

The woman with the white hat will remain composed. Her gaze will be deadly.

The man will be thinking thoughts of indecent nature. He will inhale deeply and exhale again.

Footsteps will be heard.

The woman with the pink scarf will be excited by the possibilities.

The woman with the white hat will momentarily be lost in conflicting thoughts. She will reluctantly unlock the door.       

Ongoing Retrospective, Chapter 1